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How secure should my passwords be?

That depends on what the password is for.

Short Cut to Security
1. Order a Yubikey with LastPass
2. Print out 2 identical Password Cards
3. Create a False ID, write it on the back of the Password Cards
4. Laminate the cards
5. Put one card in your safe, and one in your wallet.
6. When you get the Yubikey set up your LastPass account with a Master Password from your Password Card. Spend an hour to read all of the documentation.
7. Put the Yubikey on your keyring.
8. Install LastPass on all of your computers and mobile devices.
9. Change every password you have with generated passwords from LastPass.

Internet Security Tips

Don't be literal in multi step passwords.
http: vs https: Know when you need the 's'
Email is NOT encrypted.
A password needs to be at least 12 characters.
You need a differnt password for everything.
The password managers built into web browsers are Not good!
Use two factor authentication for important data.

Why use extract for brewing?

Time, Money and Space. Your brew day from cleaning to brewing to cleaning will take you about 3 hours to do extract, if you are doing all-grain you can double that time. Extract brewing is a little more expensive to buy the ingredients, but because you do not need to buy all of the equipment cost is a lot less! With the hundreds you save on equipment, you can easily afford a few extra bucks per brew for the malt extract. Along with the money you save by not buying all the equipment for all-grain you also save all of the space needed to store and use all of the extra equipment.

What do you need to back up?

If you are using Windows 7 or a newer version, by default Windows saves your data to C:\Users\YourUserName so to get an idea on how much data you have to backup open Windows Explorer (one way is to click Start and in the Run box type Explorer), find your way to C:\Users\ Right Click on your Login Name and select Properties it will display how much data you have in your folder, this is a good estimate on how much data you should back up.

The Deep Web

Light bulbs, washing machines, thermostats, fridges and locks are all on the internet today and the pace of new things is increasing, but are they secure?