What do you need to back up?

What do you need to back up?

What do you need to back up?

Odds are good that you have no idea what you really need to back up, or how much space it will take. You only need to back up the information you created. All of the programs you have installed can be reinstalled, you will lose is the stuff you created.

Every day I am responsible for making sure over 100,000 computers have a good backup of all their important data. The average backup is only 2.7 MB, the catch is this does not include Media files like pictures or music. Photos, videos and music take a lot more space than documents or spread sheets.

If you are using Windows 7 or a newer version, by default Windows saves your data to C:\Users\YourUserName so to get an idea on how much data you have to backup open Windows Explorer (one way is to click Start and in the Run box type Explorer), find your way to C:\Users\ Right Click on your Login Name and select Properties it will display how much data you have in your folder, this is a good estimate on how much data you should back up.

In the world of cheap 4 GB thumb drives and portable terabyte hard drives you think that everyone would have a backup, sadly this is not the case. It is also important to back up regularly, and it is an easy thing to forget to do. The main problem is remembering to do it.

There are a lot of good cloud backup providers willing to help you with this and if you have important data it is well worth the money to have it done for you. Some of the services that are good areā€¦

Crash Plan

If you would rather not have an annual bill and own your own data maybe an external hard dive is for you, here is a good one that has a lot of options.

4TB External Hard Drive