Computer and Network Security

Computer and Network Security, Links and Notes

The book used in class is "Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices" 6th Edition, by William Stallings here is a Free PDF of the 5th edition.

Here is William Stallings Web Site for more information and resources.

The labs in class are based around the SEED Protect by Dr. Wenliang Du (Syracuse University)

I posted a video on YouTube on how to install VirtualBox and the SEED vitrual machine LINK

If you are doing the Labs in the C programming language This Link has the basics of C.

OpenSSL User Guide PDF

Detailed PDF on Block Cipher Modes

If you would like another good book on Cryptography, I suggest "Understanding Cryptography". He also has a You Tube channel.

In class we work with Virtualbox, but I like VMWare Player

If you like working with Virtual Computers here are three Linux distributions that you can use to build Virtual Computers.
Kali Linux is a fully loaded security testing platform.
Tails is a version of Linux dedicated to Privacy for anyone anywhere.
Mint is a great version to set up in a virtual computer to surf the web.

Common Linux Commands
A-Z list of Linux Commands

By now you are probably wondering what you can do to protect yourself, here are 8 tips.

If you connect to the internet from an insecure location you should be using a VPN service. I like Private Internet Access. Here are Lifehacker's top 5 picks for VPN service.

Hak5 has a some good shows about WireShark
Wireshark 101: How to Wireshark
Wireshark 101: The OSI Model
Wireshark 101: Downloading, Displaying, and the BPF Syntax!
Wireshark 101: Expressions
Wireshark 101: IO Graphs and Expert Info
Wireshark 101: TCP Streams and Objects
Wireshark 101: Expressions Examples
Wireshark 101: Display Filters and Filter Options
Wireshark 101: Name Resolutions and Flow Graphs
Wireshark 101: Address Resolution Protocol

I posted a quick walk through of the VIGvisual software on YouTube LINK